Waxeater/JabberJosh – On Deck (2010)

Band – Waxeater (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Band – JabberJosh (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – On Deck, Split
Medium – Seven Inch
Label – Useless World Records
Style – Punk/Rock/Brothers
From – Bloomington, Indiana, USA (Waxeater)
From – Lawrence, Kansas, USA (JabberJosh)

Track List -

  1. Side A – JabberJosh – Why the Fuck would you Re-Issue Frampton Comes Alive?
  2. Side B – Waxeater – A Quiet Place Alone Away From Everyone I Hate


Info -

Two Years ago I put this record out and it was by far the most successful record that I did on my short lived label.  Successful for my label meant that I didn’t lose most of my money on the release.  But that isn’t the reason why I put out records of my friends bands anyways.  Either way this record was the best sounding thing I put out and it still rules hard.  JabberJosh is a sweet two piece of brothers that player some solid stoner punk.  Waxeater play heavy stoner rock/post punk stuff that you most likely will get down on.