Jowels/The Reptilian Split

Band – Jowls (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Band – The Reptilian (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Split
Medium – Seven Inch
Label – (The Ghost Is Clear) (May Fly)
Style – Math/Emo/Hardcore/Screamo/Postpunk
From - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (Jowls)
From - Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA (The Reptilian)

Track List -

  1. Jowls – Russ
  2. Jowls – Dan
  3. Jowls – Jon
  4. The Reptilian – Jeff
  5. The Reptilian – Ryan


Info -

I love the Reptilian, for some reason they fill the hole in my heart that is left from me no longer enjoying all the folk punk bands I used to love.  When I listen to The Reptilian I get a big vibe that these dudes are best friends and stoked on their friendship and it seems so organic.  They are just so highly energetic and fun.

This was the first time that I have been exposed to Jowels, I love the opening track because I’m so into those light, simple,ambient, waltzy sounding scream along tracks.  When their other two songs sped by like the speed of light I was surprised but they ruled so much that I couldn’t be anything more than stoked.