Weak Teeth – What A Plague You Are

Band – Weak Teeth (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – What A Plague You Are
Medium – Twelve Inch
Label – (Flannel Girl Records) (Tor Johnson Records)
Style – Hardcore/Punk
From – Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Track List -

  1. With Love, From the Great War
  2. New Theatres for the Common Man
  3. Repetition Implies Importance, Implies Importance
  4. Facebath 2: hyperface
  5. Get a Life, Read a Book, Eat a Dick
  6. Awexome Cross ’98
  7. It’s Nice to Talk to Someone Who Has The Same Void
  8. No One Is That ‘Going to Hell’ More Than Us
  9. Arson Daily
  10. What a Plague You Are
  11. Blue Skies, Shit Life


Info -

If you have been getting bored with Hardcore lately and want something new but still familiar Weak Teeth are mapping out that path.  They are a mixture of emotional hardcore, 90’s hardcore, melodic hardcore and resentment.  Their self described style of negative youth crew is pretty spot on.  There are a ton of extra/guest vocals on this record which is always fun.  These eleven chaotic songs are well enough to feed your anger for a while.  The album pretty much stays at a high intensity from beginning to ending.

Everyone says they are screamo, I don’t get that.  Just dark and enjoyable.