Dormancy – Inner Thoughts of Those Silent

a3666677830_2Band – Dormancy (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Inner Thoughts of Those Silent
Medium – MP3
Label – Self Released
Style – Experimental/post emo
From – Long Island, New York, USA


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Yes please.  This band decided to send me an e-mail and I’m so glad that they did.  When I heard the first track I was so oddly interested in hearing the next.  I know when I feel this I am going to love something and this is simply what happened with this band.  Dormancy does all the time what most bands lately have been doing just for one track off a record and that is spoken word over rad music.  This is really tough because the lyrics have to be spot on because everyone can hear them perfectly and holy shit does Dormancy have some good lyrics.  I’m seriously jealous, and if you are in a band right now you should be jealous too.  Give this record a chance and than thank me when you do.

The big jams are On Or Close which ending lyrics kind of remind me of the Litany Against Fear (anyone?)  Then Bloodlines has background vocals that are brutal so listen and cry.

State Lines – Self Titled

Band -State Lines – (Facebook) (Bandcamp)
Release Title- Self Titled
Medium – Seven Inch
Label –  (Tiny Engines)
Style – Indie Rock, Pop Punk
From – Long Island, NY


First of all, this band’s 2011 full-length Hoffman Manor is a major jammer, and I highly recommend you go stream it at their bandcamp promptly after reading this.

I know the Tigers Jaw and Joyce Manor comparisons are going to come pouring in immediately, and they are not entirely unwarranted (State Lines is certainly doing the whole late 90s indie-emo channeled through upbeat pop punk thing), but to write this band off as a TJ clone is a sore, sore, sore mistake. There are also trace elements of pop punk like Saves The Day and orgcore like Against Me! and also some Brand New stuff – oh, and of course, Wu Tang Clan. But, again, there’s more to it than that.

Ricky Enderle, a super chill duder, is booking their tour or something, and I’m booking them in Indy in July and it’s going to be good times all around. He sent me a link to their new EP. This 7″ starts right where Hoffman Manor left off – except even better. Definitely a solid record for the summer, full of head-bobbing choruses and full-throated singalongs  - sounds like salty fingers and sweaty foreheads, if you know what I mean. The production of the album (excuse my dorkiness) reminds me a lot of Boys Life’s Departures and Landfalls. Same sort of dry, no-frills production that, for whatever reason, just works out really well. I really like the sorta spatty, dying-battery sound the guitar has in a couple of the tracks.

My favorite track after a few listens is certainly Plenty Of Time. That first riff when the guitar comes in is so good. This track is super 90s, not in a cliche way or anything, though. Plus that bridge thing – it’s groovy with that whole ride-bell thing the drummer’s doing. Unfortunately, it’s not one of the tracks Tiny Engines is previewing on their bandcamp page. LAME.

Oh, and did I mention that the cover art rules? Seriously, look at that scrub.

Kudrow – Lando (2009)

Band – Kudrow (Website) (Facebook)
Release Title – Lando
Medium – 7 Inch
Label – (Earnest Jenning Record Co) (Quote Unquote)
Style – Indie/Pop Rock
From – New York, New York, USA

Track List -

  1. Commutilation!
  2. Blink-182 Reunion
  3. Favreau
  4. Brooklyn Pool


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7 inches 7 Days: Inch 6

There are three muscians that I will follow until their grave two of them are Jason Shevchuck and Ian Mackaye, the third is Jeff Rosenstock.  Whatever band these guys are in I am guaranteed to tell myself that I love it, regardless of how good the band actually is.  This record has Rosenstock singing songs that I feel would be on a slowed down or adultish BTMI record.  While the music doesn’t scream Bomb the music industry I am sure you can feel it through the lyrics.  The first three songs are on the A side, with Favreau being the main jam, maybe it hits me personally by knowing a few worthless rich kids.  Side B brings us the ballad called Brooklyn Pool, it is a sad song that I am sure that most of us can relate to.  Overall the record is an A Plus.  I don’t believe that they will do much as a band as this is more of a “Project” than a real band.

Bomb The Music Industry – Vacation

Band – Bomb The Music Industry (Website) (Facebook)
Release Title – Vacation
Medium – Twelve Inch/Mp3
Label – Quote/Unquote Records
Style – DIY/Indie Pop Punk
From – New York, New York, USA

Track List -

  1. Campaign For a Better Next Weekend
  2. Vocal Coach
  3. Everybody That You Love
  4. Sponge Board / Baby Waves
  5. The Shit That You HAte
  6. Hurricane Waves
  7. Sick, Later
  8. Why, Oh Why, Oh Why (Oh Oh Oh Oh)
  9. Savers
  10. Can’t Complain
  11. Everybody That Loves You
  12. Sunny Place / Shady People
  13. Felt Just Like Vacation


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Ok, ok, ok this is the last time I am going to say it I swear.  This was the best record of 2011, whenever I am bummed the fuck out this is what I listen to and jam out to.  BTMI seriously does not know how to make a bad song.  Maybe they do make total stinkers but they choose not to release those songs, just let them die in a practice space.  It came out during the summer and is going to be my go to jam once that time comes around again.

Zona Mexicana

Band – Zona Mexicana- (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Self Titled
Medium – Ten Inch
Label – (Bear Records) (Well Weapon)
Style – Screamo/Math/Emo
From – Purchase, New York, USA

Track List -

  1. Watershed
  2. Rain Therapy
  3. Theme
  4. Waking Up


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Almost daily am I reminded why I should move to the east coast and Zona Mexicana certainly add more fuel to that fire.  They play a mix of math/90’s emo/screamo.  I’d say they sound like a more intense 1994! Or Algernon Cadwaller on speed.

Each song is a free pass at the water park with your best friends.  The songs have a high tempo but there are times where they calm down so you can enjoy the frantic sing alongs.  If you haven’t listened to them yet now is your chance.