Dangers – Messy Isn’t It? (2010)

Band – Dangers – (Website) (Bandcamp)
Release Title – Messy Isn’t It?
Medium – Twelve Inch
Label – (Vitriol Records)
Style – West Coast Hardcore
From – California, USA

Track List -

  1. Stay-AT-Home Mom
  2. I’ll Clap When I’m Impressed
  3. Pyramid of Empties
  4. Saved by the Buoyancy of Citrus
  5. Check, Please
  6. Opposable
  7. Cure for Cancer
  8. Cure for AIDS
  9. Straight as She Wants To Be
  10. Under The Affluence
  11. Teenage Porno Hunter
  12. Goliath
  13. (Messy, Isn’t it?)
  14. Bottom of the 9th Ward
  15. Tarantula Type
  16. What goes up
  17. No Vonneguts, No Glory
  18. (Love Poem)
  19. The El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat Preserve


Info -

I preordered this record and counted the days down like Christmas when it came out in January of 2010.  If you are not familiar with Dangers their lyrics force you into some introspective thinking and this record delivers.  From the opening lyrics of “Why didn’t you kill yourself today” a song that dares you to finding meaning in life everyday to “Cure for Cancer/AIDS” twisted but true view on death at an old age.

As for sound this is classic West Coast Melodic Hardcore, whenever I use this term I always mean that these bands play a mix of hardcore and post post/whatever they want to do.  The tempo of this record is mainly fast and filled with lyrics but there are also a lot of breakdowns, which are mega rad.

Sometimes I lose this record in the sea of my collection, then I listen to it a bunch, fall in love with it again until I find another record that I love