Marital Roles – Basement Sessions

Band – Marital Roles (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Basement Sessions
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Skramz
From – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Info -

I don’t know what to say about this release besides “I Love It!”  James writes for the blog and is the drummer of one of the best bands in my city.  I love the vocals, I love the break downs, I love the sound clips.  This screamo band gives me so much energy and makes me want to believe in the city in which I live in again.  This band surves as a reminder of how important it is to support local acts.  Check it out and love it!

Marital Roles – Fall Demo

Band – Marital Roles - (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Fall Demo
Medium – Mp3
Label – (Self Released)
Style – Screamo
From – Indianapolis, USA

Track List -

  1. Intro
  2. Flannel Flash Mob
  3. Dylan Made it to Practice
  4. Stop, Drop, And Roll Won’t Work in Hell


Info -

Marital Roles are a new Screamo band from Indianapolis.  Pretty much classic screamo but with a lot of sing along parts in most of the songs.  I can’t pin point the main reason why I like this band, it could be because the songs are awesome or that I know that their drummer works his ass off to put on super rad shows that no one in Indianapolis comes out to.  I put off listening to this band because they first released a few tracks whose quality was so awful that only band members and girlfriends could pretend was alright.  While the tracks from this are still super rough they are in the listenable category and for the record are pretty fucking awesome.