Men As Trees – Weltschmerz (2008)

Band – Men As Trees – (Website) (Facebook)
Release Title – Weltschmerz
Medium – Mp3
Label – (Self Released)
Style – Screamo/Post Rock
From – Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

Track List -

  1. Germinal
  2. Good Luck To You
  3. Late Words Of A Reasoning Man
  4. If There Was Any Wisdom Left They Would Send it Back up The Mountain
  5. Dead on The Band
  6. Swa Cwæð Eardstapa


Info -

A few days ago I was reminded that this band had reformedish as Locktender after a two year hiatus.  While Locktender does not have any official releases yet they do plan on releases three seven inches this year.  But enough about them here is Men As Trees.

I first got this Men as Trees record as a tape a year ago after scourging the internet for someone who had it.  It is loaded with sound clips which is always fun.  They mix ambient instrumental jams a la Explosions In The Sky with epic screamo break downs.  Everyone that I have shown this record to or has heard it playing in my car has been instantly hooked so you have a great chance of placing it onto your favorite records ever list.