Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams – Split

Band – Republic of Dreams – (Posterous)
Band – Beau Navire (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Split
Medium – 7 Inch
Label – (React With Protest)  (Pure Heart Records) , (Moment Of Collapse) , Parade Of Spectres (uk) , IFB Records (us) , (Inkblot)
Style – Screamo/Hardcore/Emo Violence
From - Germany/Poland (Republic of Dreams)
From – Oakland, California, USA (Beau Navire)



First of all, this split rules. rules hard. Beau Navire… well, they’re always dropping great stuff and you’ve probably already heard of them. This will not disappoint. It’s pretty concrete stuff for Beau Navire, I guess. They’re usually a little more air-y, if you catch my draft. BAD PUN BAD PUN BAD PUN

But Republic of Dreams are brand new. Members of Louise Cyphre, which you can immediately tell from the three spazzy, chaotic, breakneck-paced songs on their half of the split. What has me equally is excited is their upcoming split with Cloud Rat, who are also pretty gosh darn cool.


“welcome to the republic of dreams, where rules are aspirations and order is empathy. We’re here to laugh and to cry, to scream and deny (the world), to live and to die. this is our republic of dreams.”