GNATS – To the Hands of Heathens

Band – GNATS – (bandcamp) (
Release Title –
 To the Hands of Heathens
Medium –
Label –
Style –
 gravity records-esque screamo, hardcore, grind
From – Calgary, Alberta, Canada




FFO: Capsule, Angel Hair, Phoenix Bodies

First off, this band immediately gave me a bit of a Phoenix Bodies vibe, so of course I loved the whole thing. Similar to Phoenix Bodies, there’s very spazzy riffs mixed with really dragging (can’t think of a better word to describe it) breakdowns. Also, a lot like Capsule in the general feel of the record, especially in the quiet, interlude parts. There’s definitely some Mohinder, Angel Hair, Honeywell-ish sounds on this record for sure, though; it’s very noisy, discordant screamo. Excellent release overall, and it’s free on their bandcamp.