Ghost Cat – Cave Sounds

Band – Ghost Cat (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Cave Sounds
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Melodic Hardcore/Emo
From – Jensen Beach, Florida, USA


Info -

I dont know where to begin with Ghost Cat.  Like everyone else I got hooked on the the sing along during Marshmallow Teeth.  Ghost Cat a unique bands with influences all over the place, at times they sound like Philadelphia influenced emo, other times you hear some throwback late 90′s melodic hardcore hooks and then sometimes some doublebass drum rolls which I don’t hear that often.  The vocal work on this album is what really blows me away.  I lot of places to sing a long and get stoked on!  Check this out now!

Fire Spoken by the Buffalo – Air Your Grievance

Band – Fire Spoken by the Buffalo (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Air Your Grievance
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Post-Hardcore/Ambient
From - Lakeland, Florida, USA


Info – Yes!  I love this album, I love this band.  Post-Whatever plus ambient jams.  Air Your Grievance is a great start into Fire Spoken by the Buffalo if you haven’t hear them before.  I can’t stop listening to it and I am sure my roommates hate me because of it!

The Caution Children – Unknown Lands

Band - The Caution Children – (Facebook) (Bandcamp)
Release Title - Unknown Lands – 2011
Medium – CD/Cassette/LP
Label: (Tokyo Jupiter) (Jeremy Records) (Bear Records)
Style: shoegaze, post-hardcore, ambient post everything skramocore
From: Jacksonville/Orange Park, Florida, USA



This band is a classic example of a band whose recordings don’t do them justice. And that’s not even saying their recordings are bad – they’re just so gosh darn good live. Also, they are super fun goofy dudes who like to dumpster dive for Pizza with We Were Skeletons. This band draws obvious comparisons to Envy, but I don’t think they sound all that much like Envy. Their drummer likes it when they’re compared to Russian Circles, so, in case you were wondering, they sound a bit like Russian Circles.



Life Moves – Portions

Band – Life Moves (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Portions
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Hardcore
From – Florida, USA


Info -

Life Moves is fresh in the increasingly redundant genre of music that I am completely in love with.  They combine modern day west cost emo sound with United Kingdom Emo.  I know that they are from Florida so neither of the mentioned places are close but that is what makes the internet scene rad.

Life Moves has all the elements that I love, In the first song there is two different vocalist plus a breakdown of just guitars and vocals and that I am a sucka for.  The second track offers us a perfect basement sing along/sappy tour or separation song with lyrics of “woke up with you in my mind.” Seriously everything I love in one package so much I can’t even comprehend it!  The perfect ep!  I listen to it over and over again like an cancer!