Embrace – Self Titled

Band – Embrace
Release Title – Self Titled
Medium – Cd
Label – (Dischord)
Style – Emo/Post Hardcore
From – Washington DC, USA

Track List -

  1. Give Me Back
  2. Dance of Days
  3. Building
  4. Past
  5. Spoke
  6. Do Not Consider Yourself Free
  7. No More Pain
  8. I Wish I
  9. Said Gun
  10. Can’t Forgive
  11. Money
  12. If I Never Thought About It
  13. End of A Year
  14. Last Song


Info -

This is one of the records that changed my life.  Maybe you can say it was what pulled me into this crazed punk sub genre that is emo or emocore or whatever.  I would say that Do Not Consider Yourself Free is the best song on the record but if you ask me the same question while I listen to the record I will say the same thing about each song.  I can’t get over it.  I guess it is only available on CD now but at some point I got it on vinyl maybe ebay?  I dont remember.