Neev – Pulpit Youth

a3115812234_2Band – Neev (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title –Pulpit Youth
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Hardcore/Rad
From – Memphis, Tennessee, USA


Info -

First of all… Fuck this band… Seriously… If you are going to release one track PLEASE make it a terrible track.  But no.. The dudes in Neev decided to put out a rad track, wait… even more rad than rad.  The dudes in Neev decided to put out a gnarly track.  When I started it up I am stoked, then one minute and fifth-teen seconds later it is over and I am am like “fuck, the fun is over, I want more, I want it all.”  But there is nothing more, just one track

Never have I posted a bad review on this blog, seriously read all the reviews, the point of this blog is to post rad music but I want to put it out there.  DO NOT listen to this band.  It will ruin your day that they don’t have anymore songs to jam to.

Siddhartha – Subject to Change

Band – Siddhartha (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Subject to Change
Medium – mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – 90′s emo/Post Hardcore
From - Memphis, Tennessee, USA


Info -

Memphis is pumping out some majorly rad bands coming out these days, Siddhartha is one of the best of the crop!  They give us four mid tempo 90′s influenced emo jams.  Lyrics are top notch, give this band a listen, don’t regret sleeping on them.

Adaje – Yore Veils

Band – Adaje (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Yore Veils
Medium – Tape
Label – (Broken World) (Keep It Together)
Style – Chaotic Screamo/ Post Rock
From - Memphis, Tennessee, United States


Info -

Lets state this very simply, Yore Veils is a very fast past, highly energetic record that will get your blood pumping.  Adaje is a band that is highly influenced by early 2000′s screamo and I love it.  KWP is the main jam on this record and damn, it hits home!  I need to see this band live and I need to do it now.

Lizards Have Personalities/Adaje Split

Band – Lizards Have Personalities (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Band – Adaje (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Split
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Split/Screamo/Hardcore
From - Memphis, Tennessee, USA (Adaje)
From - Lawrence, Kansas, USA Lizards Have Personalities)

Track List -

  1. Adaje – Ladder for a Step
  2. Lizards Have Personalities – Dear Girl Lying in the Middle of the Road, You Could do Better
  3. Lizards Have Personalities – Sanc Kingdom’s Collapse
  4. Adaje – Kanga Wu Pouch


Info -

Check out that cover art, judge the book by the cover, rad art, rad split.  I love Lizards Have Personalities so listening to this was a no brainer.  Their two tracks have everything that I desire and I am surprised that they haven’t written any stinkers, they continually get better and better.
Adaje knocked me off the chair with their two tracks, deeper vocals sometimes mixed with high pitched screaming.  Amazing lyrics that make me want to hate the world all over again.

Bonus, each band has a slowed down ambient musical part with yelled vocals over it which is always my favorite kind of jam.