Daido Loori – Laika

Band – Dado Loori – (Facebook)
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 Self Released
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From – Montclair, New Jersey




My friend Tyler has been talking about his new band for a little while, and from the rough videos I saw, I wasn’t all too intrigued. Seemed decent, but it didn’t really grab my interest too much. But this EP has gotten me very excited! Definitely for fans of Beau Navire and Suffix.  Daido Loori is a six-piece from Montclair New Jersey. Dual vocals – high-pitched shrieks and gruff shouts – over sweeping clean guitars and a solid rhythm section. Lots of large and complex chords, which I’m always a fan of. Got the whole “crying-at-the-mic” thing on lock-down. Really cool interludes between all the songs. Also, a good portion of this band is still in high school. Oh, and it’s free!