Everyone Asked About You – Let’s Be Enemies

Band – Everyone Asked About You-
Release Title –
 Let’s Be Enemies
Medium –
Label –
 (25 Diamonds)
Style –
 indie pop; emo
From – Little Rock , Arkansas, USA




This band gets compared to The Anniversary quite a bit. However, they’re about a million times better. The DAT tapes from the lost LP were recently discovered and leaked onto the interwebz!! I’m not sure how you would find those unless you were in the band or the studio they recorded it in. The release is perhaps the band’s best and it’s unfortunate that it wasn’t released to now, nor did the band receive much attention during their lifetime. EAAY was far ahead of their time, they would be huge on the indie-emo scene if they had emerged circa 2009, rather than over ten years prior. If you like Tigers Jaw, you’ll probably like this. If you like bands with dual male-female vocals and chill synth leads… do check out.