Damages – Indignation

Band – (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Indignation
Medium – Twelve Inch
Label – (React! Records)
Style – 90′s emo
From - Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Track List -

  1. Intro
  2. Losing
  3. Loved
  4. Regret
  5. Plea Bargain
  6. Vanity
  7. Righteous Indignation
  8. Body Tells Brain
  9. Supersticious Pigeons
  10. Fingerprints


Info -

No words can describe how excited I am to listen to this record. My obession with Damages started somepoint a few years ago when I got their first seven inch as a bonus trade for the All Through A Life Ep.  I instantly became hooked on Damages and immediately was wishing for a full length album, now here we are and I am still incredibly hooked.

Indignation sets Damages into my twelve inch hall of fame.  I can’t tell you the anticipation for the record that I felt as I listened to the intro.  Once Losing takes over, I lost it, I love the highly intense and emotinal style of Damages.  Every song has a slight nostalgic feel towards late nineties emo while still providing something new.  I love how their frontman sounds as if he is on his last straws and giving everything he has in his cries of desperation.  The lyrics are the kind that, while personal, are still relatable.  The lyrics really speak to you and make you say “shit I’ve been through that before.”

I have been playing the waiting game to try to get the record through React! (USA), which is still not avaiable on their merch store.   I don’t want to have to pay for the extra shipping from Clue #2 (Canada) but I think by the time I submit this review I’ll be ordering it.