Pianos Become The Teeth – The Lack Long After

Band – Pianos Become The Teeth – (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – The Lack Long After
Medium – Twelve Inch
Label – (Topshelf Records)
Style – Emo/90′s emo/Post Hardcore
From – Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Track List -

  1. I’ll Be Damned
  2. Good Times
  3. Shared Bodies
  4. Such Confidence
  5. Liquid Courage
  6. Spine
  7. Sunsetting
  8. I’ll Get By

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Info -

I slept on this record for a long time, well I guess a month and a half… I was broke and while I did download it I hate listening to music on my computer as compared to the stereo.  I just love getting mesmerized by a spinning record.  Long story short you most likely have heard this record by now but here is my two cents.  Best record of the year.  Simple as that.


Pianos bring the solid jams with solid screaming by their front man, most people can yell and scream but he seems to do it in a musical way, like controlled chaos or something.  I recently saw them while I was on vacation in St. Louis and before they played a merch guy from a band they were tour on said, “Pianos has the best live show ever you can’t begin to understand how they pull it off.”  Then thirty minutes later I saw them and was blown away, from beginning to end they were intense.  I bought the record there and two days later I was home reading the lyrics and balling my eyes out.  All the lyrics have to deal with the passing of his father but even though it is a more thematic album it doesn’t get tired just teary.


Check it out then buy it or trust me and buy it before you check it out.