Boilermaker – In Wallace’s Shadow

Band – Boilermaker – ( 
Release Title –
 In Wallace’s Shadow (1996)
Medium –
 Twelve Inch
Label –
 Goldenrod Records
Style –
 90s emo, indie rock
From – San Diego, California, USA

Track List -

1. Iris
2. Backseat Boat
3. Slow Down
4. Jingle Dell
5. Last Good Growth
6. Shepherd
7. Five Lined Sink
8.Phil the Water Sweep
9.Pathos Delay
10. Breach




I first heard of this band from a blog post by Alexander Lesher (Get Fucked, Lickgoldensky, Holy Bible, Big Things). Since then, I’ve been searching for this album in physical form in vain. I might just have to succumb to eBay.

Anyway, this record is hailed by Boilermaker fans as the best emo album of the 1990s, and I can’t really disagree.  More on the Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, side of things (although I like Boilermaker much more than either of those two). It’s an excellent work, the lyrics are generally sad and melancholy, but not sappy or whiney. Boilermaker’s sound varied from plucked, almost singer-songwriter type… Ballads (?weird way to describe it, but I guess it fits) to distorted, string-bending, cymbal-bashing choruses that are impossible to stand still to. Definitely recommended.

* I’m having an awful time finding any active links for this. Amazon sucks. I will continue my search and update this.