Grow – Leave.

Band – Grow (Bandcamp)
Release Title – Leave.
Medium – mp3
Label – Self Released
Style –Hardcore/Screamo
From - Fresno, California, USA

Track List -

  1. Say Nothing
  2. Because Pictures Aren’t Enough
  3. Thicker Than Bricks
  4. What’s the Point?
  5. Merciless Moon
  6. Giving Up Is So Much Easier


Info -

Within the first few seconds of listening to this band something deep inside of me, that I don’t totally understand, told me that I would be stoked on this band.  This release just hits me because it sounds so raw, real and passionate.  Grow is a mixture of west coast hardcore and screamo, more shouty and yelly than screaming.  Each track pushes you through a wreckage of emotion.  If you know whats up you will check them out, I’m bummed because I think it is MP3 only at the moment.

I couldn’t find much about this band besides their bandcamp.