Wits End/Perfect Future – Split

Band – Wits End (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Band – Perfect Future (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Split
Medium – Seven Inch
Label – (Carucage) (Lilla Himmel) (odebygd) (Ash From Sweat) (Strictly No Capital Letters)
Style – Split
From - Oslo, Norway (Wits End)
From –  Frostburg, Maryland, Usa (Perfect Future)

Track List -

  1. Wits Ends – Wounds
  2. Perfect Future – Untitled


Info -

This record fell into my lap after I bought a few things from a distro, I think it might have been a miss pick but I lucked out and got a great record.  Usually when you get a free record with an order it sucks because it is a ten year old record of a band that broke up right after someone pressed 500 of them (been there done that).

I put the Wits End side of first and it instantly blew me away, the kind of blowing me away that makes me automatically throw the record on back on the grooves after it has stopped, the kind of blowing me away that sucks for my roommates because I played the same damn six minute song over and over again.  The first thing that I heard was a similarity to Pyramids, there is something about the vocals and music on this track that is just so fluid.  This Post Hardcore band really knows how to get me going.  The track opens with some call and respond vocals which you know… Turns me on.  Then there are some build ups, a minimal guitar part with yelled vocals.I’m sure that this song will be stuck in my head all day at work and if I cross my fingers this old Norwegian lady will come in and talk to me about Norwegian cheese (sorry still vegan lady).

Perfect Future is on the flip side, their track starts off heavy and intense.  The duel vocals really take this track and make it awesome.  The vocalist kind of sounds like the drummer from The Reptilian.  What throws this song off for me is in the middle when there is a singing line.  I’m not anti singing but unless it is perfect then most of the time it ruining the song.  Good for them that the rest of the song is totally solid so it doesn’t crash it into a wall.