Quantis​/​Coma Regalia – Split

Band – Quantis​ (Website) (Facebook)
Band – Coma Regalia (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Split
Medium – Seven Inch
Label – (Middle Man Records)
Style – Screamo
From – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From – Lafayette, Indiana, USA (Coma Regalia)

Track List -

  1. Quantis​ - By Ten O’clock we were on The Pitch
  2. Quantis​ – Law of Gravity Will Hunt You Down
  3. Quantis​ – Ponytail and a Trainwreck
  4. ​Coma Regalia – Like a Pitbull on a Pantleg
  5. ​Coma Regalia – Back… With More Murder!
  6. ​Coma Regalia – Asinine Equations


Info -

Starting off, the dudes in Coma Regalia are most likely the nicest and sweetest dudes that I have ever met.  Shawn (Drummer/Vocalist) has got to be the most inspiring person in Indiana right now.  Middle man records just wow!  Anyways, This seven inch should never go unnoticed.  Both bands are screamo power houses.

Sometimes I ask myself what do I want in the perfect screamo record?  This split delivers – Chaotic parts, Intense Build ups, Quiet vocals, and if you stretch it a little bit – sing alongs.  either way the artwork is amazing and I fucking lock Coma Regalia and the dudes involved.  Check it or Regret it.