Comadre – Self Titled

Band – Comadre (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Comadre
Medium – Twelve Inch
Label – (Vitriol Records)
Style – Hardcore
From – California


Info -

I’m sure everyone knows this band or has been reading a bunch of well thought out and well written reviews of this record.  This means that I should most likely either A. just link you to another review or B. write as little as possible.  I’ll go with B.

This is the kind of band and the kind of record that you pre order without hearing a song.  I placed that bet and won.  Listen to it and then go listen to their discography and try not to get stoked on life.  I dare you


Comadre – A Wolf Ticket

Band – Comadre (Website) (Facebook)
Release Title – A Wolf Ticket
Medium – Twelve Inch (one sided)
Label – Bloodtown
Style – West Coast Hardcore
From – California, USA

Track List -

  1. Hamlets
  2. Tannerisms
  3. Viva Hate pt. 1
  4. Viva Hate pt. 2
  5. Word is Bond
  6. Grow Worms
  7. King Jeremy
  8. “Suicides May have Been Pact”


Info -

I guess you would call this record a “self release” because when it was released Comadre was Bloodtown and all the records were for free but now it looks like Bloodtown is defunct.  Besides that this record is awesome and full of energy.  It is what you would expect from West Coast hardcore, Melodic hardcore, or weird hardcore, or maybe like progressive hardcore.

That is the thing about West Coast hardcore bands, they are still hardcore bands but I would never call them that.  They usually push the envelope of what is hardcore and I always love it.  Anyways there are like ten times during this record that I want to stop the current conversation that I am having and scream the lyrics too while this record is playing. If a record is a conversation stopper then it is a good record in my book.