Districts/Regret, The Informer – Split 12″

Band – Districts (Bandcamp)
Band – Regret, The Informer (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Split
Medium – (Twelve Inch)
Label – (Galt House) (The Ghost Is Clear) (Endnote Records)
Style – Post-hardcore/hardcore/whatever
From – Regret, The Informer – Kansas City, Missouri, USA
From – Districts - Lowell, Massachusetts, USA


Info -

Wow, Districts and Regret, The Informer doing a split together?  Can I say match made in heaven?  That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw that they were getting together and doing this.  When It was posted I immediately listened to the release over and over again.  I drafted a post and then the worst thing happened!  The Ghost is Clear pulled the full stream.  This sent me into bummer summer mode.  Then two or so months later here we are, full stream ahead.  I am stoked again!

After about a thousand listens to and contemplation I can bring you these results, this split is fucking awesome.

Let us start with Districts, my wonderful girlfriend turned me onto them at around the time I posted the review of their demo some time ago last year.  I fell in love with them, emotional hardcore or whatever you want to call it.  This split offers more insight into the life of the vocalist through venerable introspective lyrics.  The Giver is the jammer on the Districts side, great lyrics to get you pumped on being depressed.

Regret, The Informer is on the flip side of this record and put out equal intense hits as the A side.  Each song pulls us along through a modern take on 90′s emo.  They really have crafted their own style and I give them mad props to that because these songs are just so unique and powerful.  The lyrics stick in my mind like glue and I wanna sing aloud all day, but I can’t because I am not insane.

Buy, Listen, Buy, Listen, Buy.

Districts – Revolt Freedom Passion

Band – Districts (Website) (Bandcamp)
Release Title – Revolt Freedom Passion
Medium – MP3
Label – Self Released
Style – Post Hardcore/Screamo
From – Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Track List -

  1. Absurd Walls
  2. Definitions
  3. Static
  4. False Crystal Palace
  5. Revolt Freedom Passion


Info -

First of all this is one of the latest posts that I have ever made for this blog, I haven’t posted past like 5 o’clock since I started this blog…

Anyways, Districts are a band that I found out about after their death.  I believe that this is the only release that they have under their belt but these five soul searching songs are unbelievably great.  Their lyrics deal with hopelessness and a depressive outlook on life but it doesn’t come off as cheesy like most bands dealing with that subject.  They play a mixture of hardcore and screamo and you should check out the last two songs on this release.