Matsuri – Endship

Band – Matsuri (Website)
Release Title – Endship
Medium – Twelve Inch
Label – (Texas Toast DIY)
Style – Screamo/Experimental
From – San Francisco, California, USA

Track List -

  1. Open Your Chest (Part I)
  2. Breathe Out Your Soul (Part II)
  3. Cling To Your Lungs (Part III)
  4. Love What You Hold (Part IV)
  5. Highly Successful, Poorly Executed
  6. Ear to the Rail (Eyes to the Horizon)
  7. ;
  8. Endship
  9. Make. Use. Hope.
  10. :
  11. …to those who sailed these seas before us


Info -

Have you listened to this record?  I feel like I don’t give it the listens that it deserves.  Matsuri pushes screamo into new territory with some ambient jams mixed in with sing alongs mixed in with intense build ups.  I feel like this record is hard to describe besides the words totally fucking awesome.