Kontrapunkt – S/T

Band – Kontapunkt (Website)
Release Title – S/T
Medium – Seven Inch
Label – (Ape Must Not Kill Ape) (My Life Your Life Records)
Style – Screamo
From – Germany

Track List -

  1. Gameboy
  2. I am Befreit
  3. Zeitlos


Info -

7 inches 7 Days: Inch 7

Kontrapunkt was a band from Germany that I stumbled upon during my days of listening to solely Last.fm a few years ago.  This seven inch is by far beyond amazing, there is this breakdown spoken word with call and return duel vocals part in I Am Befreit that gives me chills every time I listen to it.  Surely a perfect seven inch screamo record that everyone should have in their library.  They broke up sometime in 2008 I believe but the download link contains their whole discography because I couldn’t find the singled out seven inch