Kudrow – Lando (2009)

Band – Kudrow (Website) (Facebook)
Release Title – Lando
Medium – 7 Inch
Label – (Earnest Jenning Record Co) (Quote Unquote)
Style – Indie/Pop Rock
From – New York, New York, USA

Track List -

  1. Commutilation!
  2. Blink-182 Reunion
  3. Favreau
  4. Brooklyn Pool


Info -

7 inches 7 Days: Inch 6

There are three muscians that I will follow until their grave two of them are Jason Shevchuck and Ian Mackaye, the third is Jeff Rosenstock.  Whatever band these guys are in I am guaranteed to tell myself that I love it, regardless of how good the band actually is.  This record has Rosenstock singing songs that I feel would be on a slowed down or adultish BTMI record.  While the music doesn’t scream Bomb the music industry I am sure you can feel it through the lyrics.  The first three songs are on the A side, with Favreau being the main jam, maybe it hits me personally by knowing a few worthless rich kids.  Side B brings us the ballad called Brooklyn Pool, it is a sad song that I am sure that most of us can relate to.  Overall the record is an A Plus.  I don’t believe that they will do much as a band as this is more of a “Project” than a real band.