We Sleep In This Machine – Self Titled

Band – We Sleep in This Machine (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Self Titled
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Post Hardcore
From – York, England


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We Sleep In This Machine are a emotional/Post Hardcore band from York.  I meant to post this a month ago when I first fell in love with it but then I got lazy and stopped posting the goods.  Anyways these seven songs are fucking awesome, each song gives me some to get stoked on.  If you are a fan of honest lyrics, moving guitars parts, build ups, great song writing, British people, you will love this release.  Check it and don’t forget it.

Veils – Clarity

Band – Veils (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Clarity
Medium – Twelve Inch
Label – (Tangled Talk)
Style – Post-Hardcore
From - Cornwall, United Kingdom


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Veils sounds like a band that is from both the United Kingdom and California.  I believe that their sound is influenced equally from both parts of British and California Post-hardcore.  At some points they are pushing the edge of emotional hardcore and then they give a nod to melodic hardcore.  I love the emotion that is poured into this album, you really get to experience the destitution. Love it.

Ravachol – The Revolution of Every Day Life

Band – Ravachol (Website) (Bandcamp)
Release Title – The Revolution of Every Day Life
Medium – Mp3
Label – Self Released
Style – Post Hardcore
From – England


Info -

First of all this post will be the famed 100th music review post of the blog!

Second of all Ravachol is a band that I have wanted to talk about for a long time because I fell in love with them with “Great Moments in Void” over a year ago.  This powerful female fronted band with clear guitar parts fuel the thunder of screamo.

Chromes – And here my disgust begins

Band – Chromes (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – And Here My Disgust Begins
Medium – mp3
Label –(Dancing on Sharks)
Style –Post-Hardcore/Post-Metal/Sludge
From -London, United Kingdom

Track List -

  1. And Here My Disgust Begins
  2. Diamond Crowns

(Stream)(Free Download)

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Chromes is two dudes from London who know how to harness darkness and put that energy into a song.  These two tracks from Chromes first release sound more intense than what five people try to do.  This release blurs the lines of ambiance and crushing sound and I love it.  listen and repeat.

Grave, Shovel… Let’s Go!/Meandgoliath-Split

Band – Grave, Shovel… Let’s Go! (Website)
Band – Meandgoliath (Website)
Release Title – Split
Medium – Seven Inch
Label – (Parade of Spectres) (Asymmetrie) (Time As Color)
Style – Split/Screamo/Math
From - Grave, Shovel… Let’s Go! – Germany
From –  Meandgoliath – England

Track List -

  1. Grave, Shovel… Let’s Go! – Edgy Electrician
  2. Grave, Shovel… Let’s Go! – Rubinstein
  3. Meandgoliath – Bring A Knife!
  4. Meandgoliath – Sick Boy


Info -

7 inches 7 Days: Inch 5

looks are deceiving, this cover art lies in the land of “avoid” for most people but it is worth checking out.  Grave, Shovel… Let’s Go! brings some up beat mathy toons.  They open with starts and stops while including some great sing along parts then they bust into a musical interlude.  Meandgoliath bring on a more intense sound that is a bit speedier and way more screamier than their counterparts on this split.  They open with a gloomy build up into some call and respond vocals, which is another thing that I love.  I somehow lost this record in the mist of a big seven inch purchase a while back when some dude from Europe was touring with a distro with a band that I can’t remember now so I got a lot of foreign seven inches all at once.