Snowing – Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit

Band – Snowing (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Release Title – Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit
Medium – Seven Inch
Label – Square of Opposition
Style – Math/Emo/Noodles
From – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Track List -

  1. Sam Rudich
  2. Important Things (Specter Magic)
  3. Kirk Cameron Crowe
  4. Methuselah Rookie Card


Info -

7 inches 7 Days: Inch 4

I recently found out that this band broke up a few months ago which is a major bummer.  This four song seven inch is beyond great, noodly emo jams like Cadwaller but rougher around the edges.  Philly produces some really fucking good bands, the lyrics are on the verge of cute so if you are not into that oh well.